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Steel Fractional Plates | Item # CR6006

Steel Fractional Plates CR6006

Product Features

Olympic Sized Fractional Weight Plates (Suitable For Olympic Barbells) Are An Excellent Tool That Allows Precise And Specific Progressive Loading For Strength Training. Since Accurate Load Progression Is Key For Strength And Size Gains, Fractional Plates Are Great Tools To Guarantee Steady Progress In The Gym. This Allows An Athlete Or Anyone Serious About Strength Training Avoid Large Jumps Or Compromise The Program.

Product Specification

  • Customized Colors Are Available
  • Customized Engraved Logo Is Available
Size External Diameter (mm) Internal Diameter (mm) Thickness (mm) Material Color Weight Tolerance
0.25kg 100 50.4 5 steel white ±10g
0.5kg 8 blue
0.75kg 13 red
1kg 18 black
  • Country of Origin: CHINA

  • Brand Name: CROPE

  • Payment: T/T or L/C