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Loop Bands | Item # TB016

TB016 Mini Loop

Loop Bands 

Loop bands maintain resistance throughout the concentric and eccentric parts of an exercise. As a result, your muscles are well stimulated during loop band exercises, which helps create greater range of motion and overall strength. Train anywhere, anytime with this handy training tool.


  • Ideal for lateral movement exercises, hip/glute activation and shoulder stabilisation
  • Effective and versatile training tool that can be used anywhere
  • Made from durable latex
Specification Color Resistance
500x50x0.30mm Yellow 3-6LB
500x50x0.35mm Orange 3-7LB
500x50x0.40mm Green 4-8LB
500x50x0.45mm Apple green 5-9LB
500x50x0.50mm Pink 6-10LB
500x50x0.55mm Red 8-12LB
500x50x0.60mm Lake blue 9-14LB
500x50x0.65mm Blue 10-15LB
500x50x0.70mm Red 12-16LB
500x50x0.90mm Purple 14-18LB
500x50x1.00mm Gray 16-20LB
500x50x1.20mm Black 18-25LB
  • Country of Origin: CHINA

  • Brand Name: CROPE

  • Payment: T/T or L/C